At Mycastlehunters  we understand that you need information on buying and selling Palm Beach real estate. We study local trends to make sure we have the best information available to you. We provide FREE real estate pricing reports so you know your Palm Beach home’s value. If you are interested in buying, we have the best search engine available in Palm Beach!

Selling your home is all about knowing the local housing market and pricing it correctly. Pricing property is a very individual process and we can help you determine market trends and match your home to comparable properties. As seasoned agents familiar with the Wellington area, we can help you make the right choices when it comes to selling your Palm Beach home, too.

Home prices that are inflated can result in more days on the market and less buyer response, so it's important that your Palm Beach property be priced correctly. Buyers get excited about new listings, so realistic pricing is key to getting people to tour and make offers on your home, particularly when you first list your residence.

What Will It Take To Sell Your Palm Beach Home?

Once we’ve set the price, we then showcase or “stage” your home to entice buyers. Qualified buyers will be impressed by the simple measures we take  and feel impressed to make an offer on your property.

If your Palm Beach home’s location or design is unique, you'll find that buyers will be intrigued as we showcase these features. Our marketing plan guarantees maximum exposure - through pricing, staging, agent accessibility, and visibility, both on and offline. Our goal is the successful sale of your Palm Beach home and we will do our best to achieve that and find you the right buyer.

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