Take a Segway tour of Wellington property.Thrill your own family or out of town guests who are visiting your Wellington property by taking them on a Segway tour of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat. The Segway allows visitors to explore a lot more of the 365 acres of this park than they could ever see walking. Tours are intimate and include no more than six riders. Travel along paved paths and wooden boardwalks, safe from traffic. Glide over hills, enjoy twists and turns in the path and view some of the most beautiful land in all of Florida. Viewing the beautiful lakes, landscape, and wildlife will make you give thanks for owning a Wellington property. Bird watchers will especially enjoy the 70 foot observation tower.

Even if you have never tried a Segway before, the staff will quickly put all riders at ease with some quick instruction. They are easy to operate and tons of fun. One of the best things about choosing a Segway tour is that they produce zero emissions. They are also made here in America and can turn a full 360 degrees in place. Who could ask for a better day away from their piece of Wellington real estate than exploring nature on a unique piece of equipment? Visit greenmotiontours.com or call 561-909-7779 for more information.