Go to Panther Ridge near a Wellington home.There is a very unique facility available for visits from Wellington home owners along with their friends and family. Panther Ridge is a non-profit haven for big cats from all over the world, many of which are endangered. Judy Berens founded Panther Ridge in 1999 to provide a place for these animals to live in a safe and healthy environment. Most of the big cats have been rescued from bad situations where they had been abused or neglected. This facility has some of the finest habitats for the big cats. Enclosures provide a native like experience with a large area to explore and roam as well as protection, stimulation, and top quality veterinary care.

In addition to the big cats, Wellington property owners will enjoy watching for barn cats roaming the property as well as many horses. In addition to being a permanent home to these beautiful creatures, Panther Ridge serves as an education and research facility. School groups visit the facility often and Panther Ridge works closely with other conservation groups to exchange information and work toward goals of saving these majestic cats. Enjoy an afternoon away from your Wellington home gazing at cougars, cheetahs, caracals, jaguars, ocelots, servals, and clouded leopards. Visit pantherridge.org to learn more about tours, special events, and how to help this worthy cause.